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Shadow woke from his uncomfortable slumber. He groggily sat up and looked around. He knew he didn't sleep long. Something must have awakened him. Bolt was standing at the edge of the bed.
"Good morning, Shadow" he softly greeted. Shadow rubbed his eyes.
"ugh Bolt...What time is it?" he yawned.
"5:38 a.m." Bolt quickly answered. Shadow muttered something under his breath.
"Yes I know you acquire sleep. I just wanted to apologize for leaving you so suddenly" he informed. Shadow woke up a little.
"yeah, that's right. What happened?" he asked. Bolt stood in his usual position.
"I was almost spotted. Remember, my identity is a secret to all except you and. Though your comrade, PM, is allowed to acknowledge my existence. And if I am in weapon form, no one can recognize me" he explained. Shadow gave a crooked smile.
"Ah. Right. You're a lil agent" Shadow teased.

"My purpose is difficult to fulfill" Bolt gravely spoke. He looked down at the bed.
"Hey hey hey. Don't think or say that. Us working together, we'll fulfill your purpose. One person alone can't do this" Shadow supported. Bolt looked up.
"yes. Then I will acquire your assistance" he responded. Shadow tilted his head.
"With what?" he asked.
"There's a mech by the name of ReaperZ. This mech was kidnapped by The Rising Wing and was going to be reprogrammed to rebel against Kyuusaisha. It turned itself on somehow and beserked through their base. Right now it's on the loose. I need it to be returned here immediately" Bolt explained. Shadow smirked.
"A mech? With a badass name like that? If I bring it back can I keep it?" he begged. Bolt looked away, slightly annoyed.
"That is up to ReaperZ. It's highly vicious and can quickly adapt to any combat style and counter it successfully" Bolt warned. Shadow rolled his eyes.
"Psh. All I need is to hogtie the lil bastard and wail on him until he calms down" Shadow argued. He chuckled.
"it's like a big ol robot bull with guns" he joked. Bolt sighed.
"I'm grateful for you taking on the challenge then" he appreciatively replied. Shadow gave a thumbs-up.
"Leave it to me. Know where that thing is now?" he asked. Bolt began to scan.

"ReaperZ is currently located somewhere on Eknai" Bolt stated.
"Eknai? Ahahahahahaha! That's hilarious! eknai of all places?!" Shadow laughed. Bolt was puzzled.
"Eknai is basically all forest. Any community there is tiny. The planet basically isolates itself from the rest of the galaxy" Shadow explained. Bolt stood straight.
"That could be the very reason why it's there. It doesn't want anyone to find it. ReaperZ has an AI like mine. it can't communicate well, but it is nowhere near as stupid as a basic computer." Shadow scratched his head. Going against a mech with Bolt's intelligence and the firepower of Kyuusaisha's entire mothership was going to be much more of a challenge than fighting a bunch of stupid, drooling zombies.
"Well, let's find us a mech!" Shadow said as he started to get up.
"We have no means of transportation to reach Eknai. And stealing a ship from Kyuusaisha would not be recommended" Bolt declined. Shadow lay back with a sigh.
"Why do you want this mech anyways? If he wants to be alone, he's not going to cause any trouble" Shadow notified.
"ReaperZ is extremely powerful. He has the firepower of two armies. It also specializes in melee. It wields an enormous scythe. If The Rising Wing found out the location of it, they would be able to take it down, for it is in a weakened state. They would most likely use it to counter your skills" Bolt explained. Shadow thought some more. He thought about what The Conductor would think of their plan.
"yeah but what excuse could we use to get to Eknai? If I ask about reaperZ, they'd question me on where I got the information" Shadow complained. Bolt paced back and fourth.
"Perhaps we could wait and see if it changes its position" Bolt suggested. Shadow looked at the floor.
"Yeah. I guess so" he muttered. Bolt stopped pacing and stood straight.
"until then..bring any spare parts to me. I could create a new weapon for you. Or perhaps I could find a way to make msyelf more useful to you" Bolt bargained. Shadow nodded.
"Thanks" he said. Bolt waddled to the end of the table and leaped onto the floor.
"I will meet you again soon" Bolt informed.
"A'ight. Later" Shadow replied.

The rest of the night was quiet for Shadow. He couldn't fall back to sleep. What if that mech made it to The Rising Wing's base and slaughtered everyone, including Luna? Thoughts like this pounded his brain. He couldn't take it. He started to wish Bolt didn't wake him up.
Holy crap giant robot.
DevilAngelChiii Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2009
REAPERZ I first thought it was the default chaser from S4...but it's a robot so D:
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